Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Loving Truth

The other night in bed before sleep, I wondered why some people are willing to face bitter truths while others keep their head in the sand and cling to false notions. Likewise for the individual – why is it we sometimes long for truth, while other times we simply close our ears? Aside from the fact that 3D mind is veiled, why is it so difficult for people to receive greater truth?

Specifically, I thought about two areas: (1) the hidden evil of human leaders, and (2) the hidden glory of true self and cosmic life. These are equally important themes – related to the reality of vast global suffering, injustice, warfare and deceit, and the reality of universal family, higher dimensions and soul, the infinite love of Creation as it is. Seeing only life’s surface level (given by the physical 5-senses and intellect) and rejecting the invisible, is a tendency very much connected to trusting human authority and believing their words…

In America, some people still believe in Obama’s goodness, believing he’s a good man here to save us from the evil Republicans. Others are convinced he’s a puppet of negative forces himself, tasked with the job of destroying America. Some people believe traditional churches, public schools and national government are honest and true, while others see them as tools of brainwashing and subtle mind control. Some people imagine life ends with physical death, and God is a jealous old man who punishes those who don’t follow church regulations; they also believe there’s no such thing as soul or higher dimensions, and the totality of life is what we see and hear, no more. While some people seek within for spiritual guidance, most humans seek guidance by human leaders whom they feel know more than they do. There are enormous differences in understanding in this world.

To me, it’s amazing how many conflicting opinions we have. Since I’ve never quite believed myself fully “part of this insanity,” (as Ra said about wanderers who have trouble fitting in society), it’s never been hard for me to question human authority. From a young age I distrusted their authority and sensed deception and ignorance in many of those in positions of power – in school, religion, government, society, and family. Of course, this made it easier for me to delve deep into spiritual studies and meditation, seeking to validate their ideas by inner seeking alone. Of course, there’s no guarantee that ‘truths’ revealed by inner seeking and reflection are any truer than those told by a priest, president, school principal, or media reporter.

In the end, our knowing of truth

depends on our own spiritual maturity and loving the light.

Like most teachers and speakers, my purpose has been to share what I consider genuine truth. For the past 15 years my main teaching has been based on the Ra Material (Law of One books), because in my view it is the purest expression of cosmic reality from Higher Self available. Our true self or essential being stands outside time and space, and knows the roadmap to full enlightenment and re-unified awareness – the view that Ra offers.

I’ve supplemented their information with Western metaphysics, Buddhism and Hinduism, Taoism and psychology. I consider these teachings essential because the more they are used, the greater the transformation of mind/spirit produced. Actually, this is an excellent way to judge the relevance and depth of any spiritual teaching: by repeated study and practice, does it lead to greater expansion of awareness, understanding, fulfillment and ability to serve others?

Many times I’ve been asked, ‘why do you think Ra is so important; how do you know it is true?’ Often I reply, “well, how do you know anything is true?” Meaning, how do we ever know what is true, real, or important? How do you know you won’t be punished if you don’t take Jesus to be your personal savior? How do you know soul and reincarnation, karma and higher dimensions are real, and not merely hopeful fantasy? How do you know you are anything more than a bag of bones and bio-chemicals? And for that matter, how do you know any particular human leader is telling the truth, and not just a clever liar?

How do you know what is true and what is a lie?

From my perspective today, after years of teaching and answering questions related to a host of channels, religions, new age leaders and writers, I’m left with a simple conclusion – most people really don’t know what’s true. I am not implying I know anything more than you, but I do understand the maturity, accuracy, and congruence-to-reality of the sources on which I depend. Most spiritual seekers, unfortunately, don’t realize there are levels of understanding, consciousness, and spiritual maturity – and therefore, greater and lesser degrees of wisdom and power in various teachings.

In the end, we return to the question, just how much do you love truth? Do you really love truth or are you just curious? Do you love it enough to rebuild your understanding to conform to a reality that doesn’t fit your current beliefs, and doesn’t feel 120% happy? Do you love truth enough to continue seeking even when it hurts, when it reveals aspects of yourself (or human society, or the universe) that are shocking, complex and disturbing, or humbling, glorious and amazing – or even, when truth is far beyond human mind itself?

Just how much do we love truth?

It’s a good question to ask ourselves, I think.

I wrote about this in a chapter of my book Universal Vision, entitled “Why are they Laughing?” I asked, ‘why do they laugh when I talk of wanderers, walk-ins, and ET souls coming to earth in service from higher dimensions?’ Why don’t they just question me further, or calmly say they don’t know, and give the ideas a fair hearing? Why laugh – instead of peacefully listening, considering, and reflecting on those strange ideas?

Fortunately, I also answered my own questions in that chapter.

I concluded they laugh because they’re afraid, they’re humbled, threatened, and somewhat ashamed to consider reality so much greater than they imagined. They don’t feel safe admitting their beliefs could be wrong, limited, small, or totally mistaken. Those mocking radio interviewers simply didn’t want to admit or even consider their ignorance – and they certainly do not love truth. I am not blaming them, but it’s another truth we shouldn’t fear, that most humans in positions of authority and leadership are quite conceited and small-minded.

In fact, it is very, very important for wanderers’ awakening to disengage, disconnect, and detach from consensus social beliefs about life and death, world and cosmos, good and evil, and the trustworthiness of human leadership. To fully move into power, we must reject all false beliefs and limited understanding – whether it comes from priests or presidents, channels or gurus, teachers or parents. We must learn to recognize truth by ourselves, and know for ourselves what is true and real, not simply swallow what we’re fed. This process of developing critical thought, self-reflection, and self-validation is today more important than ever, as the volume of information given to us grows and grows.

But the main point is this:

How well we learn depends on the strength of our desire to learn.

All we realize and finally know, the degree to which we expand awareness, energy, and essential qualities of consciousness, all depends on our willingness to enter the unknown. There is a necessary breaking down, shattering, and deconstruction of old patterns to allow rebuilding a new vision of reality, a more expanded and detailed conceptual map, a more mature knowing reality – which then becomes a platform for further growth.

There’s an unspoken fact, however, beneath the process of truth-seeking and the endless disagreements as to what’s real and what isn’t. This is fact that there are levels of understanding, and varying degrees of human intelligence and capacity for logical thought. ‘Seek and you will find’ is absolutely true, but what we find depends on the mental strength of the seeker, the relative power of seeking, and the purity of desire to find truth regardless of personal emotion and bias. Because of pre-existing notions and differences in the desire to discover truth, a single teaching leads people to very different conclusions. Likewise, human leaders beloved to their followers may be seen as totally negative by others – and who is right, and who knows which view is true?

Perhaps you can’t convince others of your beliefs,

but you can trust what you determine to be true.

Of course, in the field of metaphysics and spiritual reality beyond the physical senses, there is simply no proof (according to ordinary 3D mind) of this or that notion, so all humanity can share a unified understanding. There’s no proof of cosmic plan or cosmic law, angels or soul, higher self or ET groups. Some people believe crop circles are the result of wind patterns, or government technology, or made by clever British jokers. Likewise, I can’t prove anything to you either, but we can know truth for ourselves.

This is called “subjective knowing,” the foundation of all spiritual awakening. Thus, trusting our capacity to know truth without proof is the root of seeking wisdom. I may consider a particular channel or teacher immature, distorted and negatively oriented (i.e., controlling and violating free will), but their students may feel so happy to be in their group. And so it is… here we must discover truth by ourselves – and the results of our discovery depend on strength of mind, willpower, and just how much we really love truth.

When Ra was asked about the lack of proof in 3D life – our ignorance of self, other, life-purpose, and all hidden truth whatsoever – they made a distinction between ‘spiritual knowing’ and ‘spiritual acceptance.’ While deep knowing is difficult, we can learn to accept experience as it is, without full understanding. Here’s what they said in relation to knowing, accepting, and spiritual freedom:

Ra: I am Ra… This [3D world] is not a dimension of knowing, even subjectively, due to the lack of overview [veiling] of cosmic and other in-pourings which affect each and every situation which produces catalyst. The subjective acceptance of that which is at the moment and the finding of love within that moment is the greater freedom.

That known as the subjective knowing without proof is, in some degree, a poor friend for there will be anomalies no matter how much information is garnered due to the distortions which form third-density. [Session 61; comments in brackets]


And thus, “subjective knowing without proof is... a poor friend,” whom we can’t always trust due to 3D-mind limitations and personal bias. Unconditional acceptance of “that which is at the moment” is more reliable and stable, and “the finding of love within that moment” offers a greater freedom than depending wholly on the mind. No doubt, it’s nearly impossible to know anything fully with 3D mind, and opening heart to love and unconditional acceptance is often the only way to make peace with painful experience.

Nevertheless, living unconditional acceptance isn’t the end of personal evolution.

Just loving the moment is insufficient for making certain decisions, particularly those needing discernment and careful thought. Just “feeling good” isn’t always enough to decide what’s best for us. Children may feel good eating candy all day long, until they get sick and nauseous. Wanderers may feel good in a cult or new age group, until they realize the leader is negative and self-serving. Citizens may feel good their candidate was elected president, until they realize he’s a liar. While I totally support trial-and-error learning, having wisdom and clear mind at the start saves a lot of heartache later on.

And so, although subjective knowing is often unstable, absolute truth is quite available. As Ra said, the strength of inner light (soul awareness in 3D form) depends on the strength of our seeking that light – and it’s the same with truth. The strength and durability of inner knowing and clear awareness of truth, depends on the intensity of our longing for truth.

What you love you shall experience,

and what you deeply long for you will become.

If you think you have a weak mind and are very confused, please don’t worry: mind can be changed, awareness can grow, and truth can be known more and more. Deep understanding is not natural to 3D mind, but understanding will grow by continued seeking. Dearly loving truth is nothing less than dearly loving God, Creator/Creation as-it-is. Seekers of light, whose essence is light, whose home and destination is infinite light, should certainly not follow false leaders, phony speakers, deluded channels, and deceptive political puppets. It is far better to trust yourself, and be your own leader.

Loving love, we love all and taste joy.

Loving wisdom, we see truth and remain knowing.

Knowing well, we live at ease and become simple again.

May we all seek truth, and live in peace in truth beyond thought.

Scott Mandelker PhD

April 4, 2010

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Friday, January 22, 2010

The 5th Chakra: Part II (Archived from 3/2008)

In Part I, I gave some of Ra’s teaching about 5th (wisdom / BLUE RAY / R5) chakra:

“The blue-ray center of energy streaming is the center which, for the first time, is outgoing as well as in-pouring [A].

Those blocked in this area may have difficulty in grasping their own spiritual and mental dynamics [B],

and further difficulty in expressing this kind of self-understanding [C].

Entities blocked in this area may also have difficulties in accepting communication from others [D].”

(RA Material, volume I, session 15; 1/30/1981)

It’s very interesting that 5th chakra is considered “outgoing as well as in-pouring” (as in section [A] above) -- thus love (4th ray, R4) which is the basis of our Way, is only receptive and magnetic. Wisdom has a special power to express love/light by mind, by words and thought. Creative service and deep knowing requires 5th chakra well cleared and activated…

Section [B] tells us that 5th chakra blockage makes self-knowing confused, and I think it’s true: ‘if we can’t speak it, it’s probably because we don’t know it.’ In Sections [C] and [D] we’ll see how this blockage limits us in other ways.

[C]: “Expressing this kind of self-understanding

With 5th chakra blockage, we have a hard time speaking clearly in words -- saying just what we mean, expressing our point of view, making ourselves known. We feel uncertain, vague, hesitant, unclear, and in our talking others get confused too.

For some, it’s easy to speak about work, spiritual ideas, daily life, or book learning -- but hard to communicate real personal feelings, needs, desires, and conflicts. Being able to speak our emotional process - appropriately, at the right time, and to whom - is also a function of 5th ray. When throat center is blocked, we’re not really sure what to say.

“Expressing this kind of self-understanding” is the “outgoing” function of throat chakra -- focused energy sending and radiation is the essence of creative service.

[D]: “Accepting communication from others”

Finally, 5th ray blockage also makes it hard to accept communication from others. If we don’t know it, we can’t speak it, and we probably can’t even hear it either. When the mind’s inner eye of self-reflection is dull, we also can’t see outside too well.

It’s very simple:

Portions of inner mind and feeling we reject, block, avoid, and don’t accept -- we also can’t accept, know, feel or understand when expressed by others.“I can’t hear in you what I can’t feel in me… I can’t understand your story because I don’t know my own.” When the inner eye is blocked, our ears get blocked too.

Actually, here we start to see how 4th and 5th chakras need each other -- just as eyes and ears work together (seeing & hearing, knowing & receiving), energy blockages in either chakra keep energy blockages in the other.

If deep self-knowing is blocked (R5), then we also don’t accept ourselves fully (R4). So, even if we’re loving and kind, deeper levels of heart chakra are still blocked. If we don’t know ourselves well, then we can’t know others well, and can’t accept them either. “I can’t understand you because I don’t know myself.”

In a chart about chakras, a friend of mine recently wrote:

R5 = love to express
R4 = love to take (to receive)

It’s true: on the positive path (though not on the negative path) both R4 and R5 express love:

R5 = the lovingness of seeking, knowing & sharing truth freely
R4 = the lovingness of honest unconditional acceptance of all

Heart and throat centers are like two wings of a bird, two legs of a runner - love and wisdom are not exactly the same, and each needs our attention to grow strong.

From a higher vision, R4 and R5 are actually two portions of the same chakra -- in the body/mind/spirit energy field, R4 + R5 blended together = MIND. Therefore, both are essential and 5th chakra should never be neglected.

Only the deepest love receives complete wisdom,

Only the deepest wisdom can express absolute love.

The 5th Chakra: Part I (Archived from 2/2008)

Generally, New Age teaching speaks of love, kindness and self-healing, yet for most people, the 5th or throat chakra is more of a problem -- often because we’re so focused on being kind and caring! Families, schools, and religion rarely teach us clear, authentic, free communication and the essentials of discernment and non-conformist mental power.

Unfortunately, love without wisdom (4th chakra strong, 5th chakra weak) is a big problem. RA also talks about this -- in a passage I’ve divided into Sections [A] through [D] below. It's a very important teaching about 5th chakra functions, and how to know if it’s blocked:

“The blue-ray center [5th chakra] of energy streaming is the center which,
for the first time, is outgoing as well as in-pouring [A].
Those blocked in this area may have difficulty
in grasping their own spiritual and mental dynamics [B],
and further difficulty in expressing this kind of self-understanding [C].
Entities blocked in this area may also have difficulties
in accepting communication from others [D].”
(Volume I, Session 15; 1/30/1981)

Section [A] explains the main energy difference between 5th chakra and 4th, while Sections [B] through [D] explain the signs of 5th chakra blockage. In Part I , I’ll consider sections [A] and [B].

[A]: “Outgoing as well as in-pouring”

Unlike the heart chakra (which is only “in-pouring”), 5th chakra is also “outgoing” - it both sends and receives energy, which the kindly heart just cannot do. This is a very profound point, which took me years to really understand.

In perfect 4th chakra love, we receive all, welcome all, and open all in unconditional acceptance. We feel deeply, listen to our process closely, and receive life without conflict or control. All these are forms of energy “in-pouring” - and there’s a deep principle hidden here:

Love (4th chakra only) is not a giving, but instead, a pure-hearted full receiving.

On the other hand, 5th chakra allows “outgoing” energy for the first time, and creates an energy bridge from ‘mind/body centers’ (1 through 5) to ‘spirit centers’ in the head (chakras 6 and 7). Love is essential, but love without wisdom is crippled like a bird with but one wing.

5th ray sees, thinks and knows, speaks and hears deeper meaning and intentions - while 4th ray opens and accepts, feels and agrees, cares and sympathizes, but can’t put truth into words.

In service to others, 5th ray speaks truth clearly - while 4th ray feels deep kindness to all. In facing so-called evil, 5th ray sees the hidden, knows the ugly, and understands negative mind -- while 4th ray finds its kindly heart rejected and rebuffed, and cannot fit ‘evil’ into cosmic plan. There are many facts on the ground still incomprehensible in the 'love without wisdom' camp.

Thus, RA says:

“Radiation without the necessity of response begins with blue [5th] ray…” (Volume III)

We can serve those who need us by love alone, but to serve all creation, wisdom is required. “Radiation without the necessity of response” means service to others (out-going energy giving) that doesn’t depend on situations. Blue ray serves all, needing no special energy in return…

[B]: “Grasping their own spiritual and mental dynamics

In simple terms, the four main functions of throat chakra are:

a. To know your own mind
b. To be able to speak your mind freely and deeply
c. To know the mind of others, and larger life-patterns
d. To receive the words, truth, and meaning of others

In section [B], RA refers to item “a.” above - the ability to know our own mind process.

5th chakra blockage creates difficulty in understanding our own spiritual and mental patterns. With love, we feel our process and accept it as it is - but still may not understand it deeply. Only by the power of wisdom turned within, upon inner mind, can we know ourselves well.

Just as we practice love and healing first upon ourselves, so too, do we practice wisdom and knowing upon our own mind first. Love is beautiful and heart-moving, but wisdom reveals that which is not-yet-in-love, and that's where the real work lies.

Only by deep self-knowing can we release non-loving emotions and patterns, and understand our karmic challenges, life-lessons, Higher Self agendas, and personal path. This is the most important function of 5th chakra wisdom - deep self-knowing.

If we wonder, “Who am I, what am I doing here, what am I feeling, what’s my life-path?," it’s surely due to 5th chakra blockage - but, it’s a very normal condition on earth! When we focus on self-inquiry and clear communication, 5th chakra blockage will surely release.

In Part II, I’ll consider Sections [C] and [D] - self-expression and truly hearing others.

To my brothers and sisters of sorrow (Archived from 6/2008)

In the Ra Material, they use a special term for Wanderers: “the brothers and sisters of sorrow…” There is no other channeling or human source using this phrase.

Ra spoke that the suffering of humanity is felt as deep pain, throughout the far reaches of our galaxy. Do you realize how much humanity is beloved by your family?

Just as we take care of a pain in the hand, we come to earth in love to heal the pain of this world, felt as our own body. Do you remember this? And, as heart chakra opens and becomes a crystal, we feel the suffering of others more strongly. The personal heart will be thoroughly shattered to open the line to greater power.

Jesus was called ‘the man of sorrows,’ because he understood all this. It is said he brought himself to hell for 3 days, offering divine light through his being; it is not fundamentally different from wanderers joining the 3rd density cycle. I've always wondered where is this sorrow, when people hide themselves so much. Many have offered wisdom but so few care to receive… so where is this need?

Then last night I realized where the human streams of sorrow come from. I touched the seabed floor of my own personal ocean… I entered the stream of human sorrow, and cried in this stream of sorrows. If you felt it, you would too.

This stream comes from the children who suffer on earth. I do not mean small suffering; I am speaking of true heart pain. Their pain is pure, no defense, no protection, just pure sorrow. It is very great, and I do not recommend you enter this stream. Unless your heart is strong enough to be shattered somewhat.

Please understand, this stream is always tended by shepherds. The greater angels are always within the stream, helping as they are. No human is without protection, and there is more help than we imagine. When you know it and feel it in your gut, you can never do harm.

Streams of negativity have been strong on earth since before humans. This planet was given to just this mix of souls, young souls, love-rejecting souls. It is all within the heart of cosmic love, we should never forget this. Yet, there are struggles playing out here, invisible to us all.

We should not forget how important this life is, this time on this planet. There is a resplendent dawn awaiting us all, wanderers and earth. No negative forces shall stop what has already happened… It has been proclaimed.

It is now and shall be, only the questions of how and when remain. Ascension is very real, it is happening in our bodies and all around us. Can’t you see how fast time is speeding by? We are already in the first energy fields of 4th density. In little time, time will become effortless once again. What we dream shall come to be; we can have faith, trust, certainty.

All tears stream through the heart of those who love humanity, as family. We bring our light into this stream. Very soon all parts shall be re-united.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Comments on the US Decline (Archived from 12/2008)

Returning to San Francisco from Japan last year, I felt sorry for the US. People are worried and rightly so, reducing spending and hunkering down for a long haul. Certainly, it is a difficult time for the whole world, not only the US.

The financial system is breaking everywhere, but it is particularly bad in the US. Even in Japan, where companies are extremely well run and productive, it is happening. And no one knows the extent of the economic decline now underway.

Wanderers are here to help earth, humanity, and to enhance soul awareness. Now that we are closer to Ascension than ever before, it is darkest before the dawn. Many wanderers now find certainty in their remembered life-purpose...

While fear, insecurity and anxiety are running high, it is not so for everyone. I also feel greater sensitivity among many, opening hearts and tenderness growing too. Hardship stimulates the best and worst, which is doubly true for wanderers.

We help the world by keeping open heart amidst doubt and suffering; it is our path. We come here by agreement and plan, well aware of the hardships of the 'final phase.' Negativity is increasing, but so is love, and all polarized consciousness is amping up.

In my personal experience and counseling work, I see how 3D challenges apply a kind of ‘spiritual squeeze,’ forcing us to grow up or make deep life-changes.

This kind of ‘squeeze’ is part of the higher self plan, like forcing us to develop awareness. These days, human negativity and evil are pushing harder, yet it's the basis of our growth. Although truly painful and dreadful, life challenge is the matrix of spiritual path.

In the book, “Light on the Path,” by Alice A. Bailey, there’s a quote about this:

“After a longer or shorter period of time the disciple stands at the Portal of Initiation. We must remember that as one approaches this portal and draws nearer to the Master, it is with the feet bathed in the blood of the heart. Each step up is ever through the sacrifice of all that the heart holds dear on one plane or another, and always must this sacrifice be voluntary.”

This teaching is correct, I know it myself well, and recently too...

Indeed, the whole world is undergoing Initiation, a rite of passage, starting a new phase. There is no way it can be done without “feet bathed in the blood of the heart…”

A broken heart doesn’t turn bitter or hopeless, even in the face of great sacrifice-loss. It's a powerful training, from which we can emerge more personally empty, thus fuller of light.

America is center-stage for the conflict of polarity, and awakened wanderers are right up on the front lines. Although the outer wars make headlines, heart-mind development is the real work.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Welcome to my blog, and thanks for your visit!

Here you'll find essays and reflections on "the big picture" -- our 3D life, cosmic family, and the soul path home. I explore the challenges of living on earth, joy and suffering, personal transformation, global shift, and cosmic order. It's a blend of psychology, metaphysics, UFO studies, social commentary, and mystic traditions (Buddhism, Hinduism & Western).

If you found my books, From Elsewhere: Being ET in America (1995), and Universal Vision: Soul Evolution and the Cosmic Plan (2000) you know my view. I have a PhD in East-West Psychology, and over 25 years study and practice of Buddhism. I've done seminars in the US & Japan for 15 years, and personal counseling since 1991. Of course, it is all a work in progress, as I am too, and we all are.

Most essays here were originally written for Japanese readers in 2008. I felt it's time to share more widely, so I started this blog. Scroll down for older essays, and after they're posted, I'll add updates and newer writing. Again, thanks for visiting -- may you and all your relations know peace today, in this moment, I pray.

For more essays, books, tapes, and counseling information, please check my main site: www.scottmandelker.com. There are also translations to Japanese and Spanish.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Looking Again at Life-Purpose

In the last few weeks, I’ve thought more about life-purpose. Many people around me wonder what to do -- how to best serve humanity, what projects to form, what events to produce. But now I wonder, for some reason, is that kind of work really necessary?

Reading an essay I wrote in 2004, “Human Crisis and Divine Plan”, I found the following:

“And so, it is essential we grow settled in our own life-purpose, and the fulfillment of our intentions in taking birth in this world. For myself, I realize that verbal and written teaching is but one element of "what I'm here to do", and that the quality of my presence (vibratory energy, radiatory being) is far more important than the thought-forms I produce [i.e. by words]. Why it is that we awaken here in human body every morning?”

– “Human Crisis and Divine Law,” section VI. CONCLUSIONS

So I wonder, what’s really necessary to serve earth today? Of course, we each should do what the heart knows best, and spiritual events do awaken thousands of people. Of course, it is good work, but not everyone is able to do so.

But what I mean is different… perhaps what I really mean is this:

Simply peaceful being, open heart and clear mind, sitting alone or in a crowd, active or silent – just this is world service. Awakened mind feeling infinite creation, trusting divine law, knowing a bigger view – just this offers world service.

When we accept innate perfection just a little more, we’ll see that physical action is not always necessary to world service. Though great works help many, if we can't do so, then simply free radiation of essence, deeply knowing and feeling oneness, is enough for now.

January 14, 2008