Friday, January 2, 2009

Welcome to my blog, and thanks for your visit!

Here you'll find essays and reflections on "the big picture" -- our 3D life, cosmic family, and the soul path home. I explore the challenges of living on earth, joy and suffering, personal transformation, global shift, and cosmic order. It's a blend of psychology, metaphysics, UFO studies, social commentary, and mystic traditions (Buddhism, Hinduism & Western).

If you found my books, From Elsewhere: Being ET in America (1995), and Universal Vision: Soul Evolution and the Cosmic Plan (2000) you know my view. I have a PhD in East-West Psychology, and over 25 years study and practice of Buddhism. I've done seminars in the US & Japan for 15 years, and personal counseling since 1991. Of course, it is all a work in progress, as I am too, and we all are.

Most essays here were originally written for Japanese readers in 2008. I felt it's time to share more widely, so I started this blog. Scroll down for older essays, and after they're posted, I'll add updates and newer writing. Again, thanks for visiting -- may you and all your relations know peace today, in this moment, I pray.

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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Looking Again at Life-Purpose

In the last few weeks, I’ve thought more about life-purpose. Many people around me wonder what to do -- how to best serve humanity, what projects to form, what events to produce. But now I wonder, for some reason, is that kind of work really necessary?

Reading an essay I wrote in 2004, “Human Crisis and Divine Plan”, I found the following:

“And so, it is essential we grow settled in our own life-purpose, and the fulfillment of our intentions in taking birth in this world. For myself, I realize that verbal and written teaching is but one element of "what I'm here to do", and that the quality of my presence (vibratory energy, radiatory being) is far more important than the thought-forms I produce [i.e. by words]. Why it is that we awaken here in human body every morning?”

– “Human Crisis and Divine Law,” section VI. CONCLUSIONS

So I wonder, what’s really necessary to serve earth today? Of course, we each should do what the heart knows best, and spiritual events do awaken thousands of people. Of course, it is good work, but not everyone is able to do so.

But what I mean is different… perhaps what I really mean is this:

Simply peaceful being, open heart and clear mind, sitting alone or in a crowd, active or silent – just this is world service. Awakened mind feeling infinite creation, trusting divine law, knowing a bigger view – just this offers world service.

When we accept innate perfection just a little more, we’ll see that physical action is not always necessary to world service. Though great works help many, if we can't do so, then simply free radiation of essence, deeply knowing and feeling oneness, is enough for now.

January 14, 2008