Thursday, January 1, 2009

Looking Again at Life-Purpose

In the last few weeks, I’ve thought more about life-purpose. Many people around me wonder what to do -- how to best serve humanity, what projects to form, what events to produce. But now I wonder, for some reason, is that kind of work really necessary?

Reading an essay I wrote in 2004, “Human Crisis and Divine Plan”, I found the following:

“And so, it is essential we grow settled in our own life-purpose, and the fulfillment of our intentions in taking birth in this world. For myself, I realize that verbal and written teaching is but one element of "what I'm here to do", and that the quality of my presence (vibratory energy, radiatory being) is far more important than the thought-forms I produce [i.e. by words]. Why it is that we awaken here in human body every morning?”

– “Human Crisis and Divine Law,” section VI. CONCLUSIONS

So I wonder, what’s really necessary to serve earth today? Of course, we each should do what the heart knows best, and spiritual events do awaken thousands of people. Of course, it is good work, but not everyone is able to do so.

But what I mean is different… perhaps what I really mean is this:

Simply peaceful being, open heart and clear mind, sitting alone or in a crowd, active or silent – just this is world service. Awakened mind feeling infinite creation, trusting divine law, knowing a bigger view – just this offers world service.

When we accept innate perfection just a little more, we’ll see that physical action is not always necessary to world service. Though great works help many, if we can't do so, then simply free radiation of essence, deeply knowing and feeling oneness, is enough for now.

January 14, 2008


  1. Dear Scott,
    I couldn't agree with you more. I agree that the most important thing is to live each day in kindness, and to always be aware. To be aware of of our body movements, so that each move we make, each word we utter, becomes a worship, a service to the One Creator. To be able to find meaning in the small moments, to live with grace, although sometimes we still feel pain inside. I want to make this pain my sadhana. I hope this pain makes me aware that this is the pain of humanity, and each day I pray that humanity can open up its soul, so it can realize that it is one.

    My work begins in the heart. Sometimes I feel that in order to do this, I have to accomplish big things (like being an international best-selling author or something. But your writing reminds me that the most important thing is what we emanate from within.

    My soul sometimes feel so weary and I want to go home. And the only potion for this weariness is meditation and reflection. I hope I can go on with integrity until the job is done. -Pasha Agoes

  2. I loved this post Scott...often times I struggle with the concept of being here and trying to focus on what I should or should not do but often times I find that indeed just being is enough, just loving is enough, just being of service in general.

    I want to thank you for your book: From Elsewhere! wow once I picked it up I could not put it down actually it brought tears because many of the stories and experiences in the book so resembled my own and so began my healing.

    Sometimes trying to do right by the world is difficult and confusing for me...I let spirit guide me and then when I start to feel alone or confused or even a bit overwhelmed the family of light pay me a visit and I am uplifted or I find something that uplifts my spirit such as I found your book.

    We don't have to be grand works of art even though we already are :) I believe that by our very presence on this beautiful blue sphere we are accomplishing much.

    Namaste my friend!

  3. Thank you Pasha Agoes,

    It is most wondrous that our every thought, word, and action can become an offering to Creation, a worship and service. Living daily this way, we need not worry about developing social position to be of service to Earth and humanity; our very conscious being is quite enough. Even our weariness is within integrity when we simply open heart to accept the pain of divine longing, for absolute love and a peaceful world, and re-union with source. You are kind to offer your comments and reflections...

    Dear Starchild,

    I also feel it is difficult to always do right by this world, and the complexity of taking care of others' feelings, helping in a truly effective way, and remaining in balance is often overwhelming. Yet, you're right that our very presence here accomplishes much; I often think of Wanderers and loving souls as living crystals embedded in Earth's body, shining love-light as we can, assisting the energy/consciousness shift now well underway. Being kind to ourselves, perhaps we can be at peace that just this is enough, just to walk in kindness and clarity and seek to return to that when we fall. Actually, this is a great gift to all... and much appreciated by the angels and homeworld beings who watch patiently.