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The 5th Chakra: Part I (Archived from 2/2008)

Generally, New Age teaching speaks of love, kindness and self-healing, yet for most people, the 5th or throat chakra is more of a problem -- often because we’re so focused on being kind and caring! Families, schools, and religion rarely teach us clear, authentic, free communication and the essentials of discernment and non-conformist mental power.

Unfortunately, love without wisdom (4th chakra strong, 5th chakra weak) is a big problem. RA also talks about this -- in a passage I’ve divided into Sections [A] through [D] below. It's a very important teaching about 5th chakra functions, and how to know if it’s blocked:

“The blue-ray center [5th chakra] of energy streaming is the center which,
for the first time, is outgoing as well as in-pouring [A].
Those blocked in this area may have difficulty
in grasping their own spiritual and mental dynamics [B],
and further difficulty in expressing this kind of self-understanding [C].
Entities blocked in this area may also have difficulties
in accepting communication from others [D].”
(Volume I, Session 15; 1/30/1981)

Section [A] explains the main energy difference between 5th chakra and 4th, while Sections [B] through [D] explain the signs of 5th chakra blockage. In Part I , I’ll consider sections [A] and [B].

[A]: “Outgoing as well as in-pouring”

Unlike the heart chakra (which is only “in-pouring”), 5th chakra is also “outgoing” - it both sends and receives energy, which the kindly heart just cannot do. This is a very profound point, which took me years to really understand.

In perfect 4th chakra love, we receive all, welcome all, and open all in unconditional acceptance. We feel deeply, listen to our process closely, and receive life without conflict or control. All these are forms of energy “in-pouring” - and there’s a deep principle hidden here:

Love (4th chakra only) is not a giving, but instead, a pure-hearted full receiving.

On the other hand, 5th chakra allows “outgoing” energy for the first time, and creates an energy bridge from ‘mind/body centers’ (1 through 5) to ‘spirit centers’ in the head (chakras 6 and 7). Love is essential, but love without wisdom is crippled like a bird with but one wing.

5th ray sees, thinks and knows, speaks and hears deeper meaning and intentions - while 4th ray opens and accepts, feels and agrees, cares and sympathizes, but can’t put truth into words.

In service to others, 5th ray speaks truth clearly - while 4th ray feels deep kindness to all. In facing so-called evil, 5th ray sees the hidden, knows the ugly, and understands negative mind -- while 4th ray finds its kindly heart rejected and rebuffed, and cannot fit ‘evil’ into cosmic plan. There are many facts on the ground still incomprehensible in the 'love without wisdom' camp.

Thus, RA says:

“Radiation without the necessity of response begins with blue [5th] ray…” (Volume III)

We can serve those who need us by love alone, but to serve all creation, wisdom is required. “Radiation without the necessity of response” means service to others (out-going energy giving) that doesn’t depend on situations. Blue ray serves all, needing no special energy in return…

[B]: “Grasping their own spiritual and mental dynamics

In simple terms, the four main functions of throat chakra are:

a. To know your own mind
b. To be able to speak your mind freely and deeply
c. To know the mind of others, and larger life-patterns
d. To receive the words, truth, and meaning of others

In section [B], RA refers to item “a.” above - the ability to know our own mind process.

5th chakra blockage creates difficulty in understanding our own spiritual and mental patterns. With love, we feel our process and accept it as it is - but still may not understand it deeply. Only by the power of wisdom turned within, upon inner mind, can we know ourselves well.

Just as we practice love and healing first upon ourselves, so too, do we practice wisdom and knowing upon our own mind first. Love is beautiful and heart-moving, but wisdom reveals that which is not-yet-in-love, and that's where the real work lies.

Only by deep self-knowing can we release non-loving emotions and patterns, and understand our karmic challenges, life-lessons, Higher Self agendas, and personal path. This is the most important function of 5th chakra wisdom - deep self-knowing.

If we wonder, “Who am I, what am I doing here, what am I feeling, what’s my life-path?," it’s surely due to 5th chakra blockage - but, it’s a very normal condition on earth! When we focus on self-inquiry and clear communication, 5th chakra blockage will surely release.

In Part II, I’ll consider Sections [C] and [D] - self-expression and truly hearing others.

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