Friday, January 22, 2010

The 5th Chakra: Part II (Archived from 3/2008)

In Part I, I gave some of Ra’s teaching about 5th (wisdom / BLUE RAY / R5) chakra:

“The blue-ray center of energy streaming is the center which, for the first time, is outgoing as well as in-pouring [A].

Those blocked in this area may have difficulty in grasping their own spiritual and mental dynamics [B],

and further difficulty in expressing this kind of self-understanding [C].

Entities blocked in this area may also have difficulties in accepting communication from others [D].”

(RA Material, volume I, session 15; 1/30/1981)

It’s very interesting that 5th chakra is considered “outgoing as well as in-pouring” (as in section [A] above) -- thus love (4th ray, R4) which is the basis of our Way, is only receptive and magnetic. Wisdom has a special power to express love/light by mind, by words and thought. Creative service and deep knowing requires 5th chakra well cleared and activated…

Section [B] tells us that 5th chakra blockage makes self-knowing confused, and I think it’s true: ‘if we can’t speak it, it’s probably because we don’t know it.’ In Sections [C] and [D] we’ll see how this blockage limits us in other ways.

[C]: “Expressing this kind of self-understanding

With 5th chakra blockage, we have a hard time speaking clearly in words -- saying just what we mean, expressing our point of view, making ourselves known. We feel uncertain, vague, hesitant, unclear, and in our talking others get confused too.

For some, it’s easy to speak about work, spiritual ideas, daily life, or book learning -- but hard to communicate real personal feelings, needs, desires, and conflicts. Being able to speak our emotional process - appropriately, at the right time, and to whom - is also a function of 5th ray. When throat center is blocked, we’re not really sure what to say.

“Expressing this kind of self-understanding” is the “outgoing” function of throat chakra -- focused energy sending and radiation is the essence of creative service.

[D]: “Accepting communication from others”

Finally, 5th ray blockage also makes it hard to accept communication from others. If we don’t know it, we can’t speak it, and we probably can’t even hear it either. When the mind’s inner eye of self-reflection is dull, we also can’t see outside too well.

It’s very simple:

Portions of inner mind and feeling we reject, block, avoid, and don’t accept -- we also can’t accept, know, feel or understand when expressed by others.“I can’t hear in you what I can’t feel in me… I can’t understand your story because I don’t know my own.” When the inner eye is blocked, our ears get blocked too.

Actually, here we start to see how 4th and 5th chakras need each other -- just as eyes and ears work together (seeing & hearing, knowing & receiving), energy blockages in either chakra keep energy blockages in the other.

If deep self-knowing is blocked (R5), then we also don’t accept ourselves fully (R4). So, even if we’re loving and kind, deeper levels of heart chakra are still blocked. If we don’t know ourselves well, then we can’t know others well, and can’t accept them either. “I can’t understand you because I don’t know myself.”

In a chart about chakras, a friend of mine recently wrote:

R5 = love to express
R4 = love to take (to receive)

It’s true: on the positive path (though not on the negative path) both R4 and R5 express love:

R5 = the lovingness of seeking, knowing & sharing truth freely
R4 = the lovingness of honest unconditional acceptance of all

Heart and throat centers are like two wings of a bird, two legs of a runner - love and wisdom are not exactly the same, and each needs our attention to grow strong.

From a higher vision, R4 and R5 are actually two portions of the same chakra -- in the body/mind/spirit energy field, R4 + R5 blended together = MIND. Therefore, both are essential and 5th chakra should never be neglected.

Only the deepest love receives complete wisdom,

Only the deepest wisdom can express absolute love.


  1. Nice posting. Do you know about these chakra books?

  2. Thanks sfauthor for the comment. I didn't know about the YogaVidya site or chakra books, but I downloaded Shiva Samhita PDF book. Do you recommend this or one of the others? When you can, please let me know at Thanks and peace ~~

  3. Namaste and Thank you! your wisdom is greatly appreciated. I just finished your book from elsewhere and it has helped me immensely. Any wanderer should definitely buy it. I really enjoyed this post and your views on the 5th Chakra. I have yet to read the RA materials but I am trying to make time to do so.

    Be In Joy

  4. This is the single most illuminating analysis on the likeness of and difference between love and wisdom in the context of the Lo1 philosophy. As clear and concise as Ra can be, a little elaboration goes a long way towards generating understanding. Thank you for putting your mind to this task, Scott! I receive your posted essays in love and express genuine gratitude for the clarity your wisdom brings.

    Would love to see you tackle the passage from Ra about the green-ray entity being ineffectual in the face of an other self's blockage. Love/Light, GLB