Friday, January 22, 2010

To my brothers and sisters of sorrow (Archived from 6/2008)

In the Ra Material, they use a special term for Wanderers: “the brothers and sisters of sorrow…” There is no other channeling or human source using this phrase.

Ra spoke that the suffering of humanity is felt as deep pain, throughout the far reaches of our galaxy. Do you realize how much humanity is beloved by your family?

Just as we take care of a pain in the hand, we come to earth in love to heal the pain of this world, felt as our own body. Do you remember this? And, as heart chakra opens and becomes a crystal, we feel the suffering of others more strongly. The personal heart will be thoroughly shattered to open the line to greater power.

Jesus was called ‘the man of sorrows,’ because he understood all this. It is said he brought himself to hell for 3 days, offering divine light through his being; it is not fundamentally different from wanderers joining the 3rd density cycle. I've always wondered where is this sorrow, when people hide themselves so much. Many have offered wisdom but so few care to receive… so where is this need?

Then last night I realized where the human streams of sorrow come from. I touched the seabed floor of my own personal ocean… I entered the stream of human sorrow, and cried in this stream of sorrows. If you felt it, you would too.

This stream comes from the children who suffer on earth. I do not mean small suffering; I am speaking of true heart pain. Their pain is pure, no defense, no protection, just pure sorrow. It is very great, and I do not recommend you enter this stream. Unless your heart is strong enough to be shattered somewhat.

Please understand, this stream is always tended by shepherds. The greater angels are always within the stream, helping as they are. No human is without protection, and there is more help than we imagine. When you know it and feel it in your gut, you can never do harm.

Streams of negativity have been strong on earth since before humans. This planet was given to just this mix of souls, young souls, love-rejecting souls. It is all within the heart of cosmic love, we should never forget this. Yet, there are struggles playing out here, invisible to us all.

We should not forget how important this life is, this time on this planet. There is a resplendent dawn awaiting us all, wanderers and earth. No negative forces shall stop what has already happened… It has been proclaimed.

It is now and shall be, only the questions of how and when remain. Ascension is very real, it is happening in our bodies and all around us. Can’t you see how fast time is speeding by? We are already in the first energy fields of 4th density. In little time, time will become effortless once again. What we dream shall come to be; we can have faith, trust, certainty.

All tears stream through the heart of those who love humanity, as family. We bring our light into this stream. Very soon all parts shall be re-united.


  1. Could'nt help but notice time and date synchronicity there. 12:22 on 1222010

    This darkness is vast and its depth is coming forth from the darkest kernel of this entire universe but it's just as a darkness in the middle of night which will be replaced by the true splendorous light of our awakened heart.

    In Baba's Love, Your fellow brother in sorrow.